These are links to other websites that have some connection to The Romeo Theater.

Romeo Theater Links:

The Romeo Theater at YouTube - After being invited to participate in YouTube's 'user-partner' pilot program, I set up a channel over there.

The Romeo Theater MySpace Page -Everybody told me I needed to be on MySpace. Now nobody cares about it.

John Romeo Facebook Page - If you watch the show, let's be friends!

John Romeo at LinkedIn - This is my online profile where I try to come across all professional.

Featured on The Romeo Theater:

Jon Weston's Music - Original music by my friend Jon, who composed the score for show 037, "Paige's Ghost," and the song heard in the final scene of "RED" in show 035.

American Racing Mower Association - Online home of the organization featured in show 036

Project Resolution - A filmmakers forum in Richmond, Virginia, which hosted "Romeo Theater LIVE" in show 035

It's JerryTime - True life tales from the life of Jerry, featured in show 033

Rocket Pictures - The films of Mark W. Gray, featured in show 032

ThesePeople - Comedy troupe from Detroit, Michigan, featured in show 031

Ynot Buffalo? - A video blog featuring Matt Alpert and Tony Vitiello, featured in show 028

Brent-o-Rama - Home of Brent Hankins, featured in show 023 - Home of the creators of "Chad Vader", featured in show 020

Batman Geek - Blog of Heath Parks, featured in show 019

Experience the Wonder - Wonder Woman fansite created by AntonyC, featured in show 010 and 038

SuperSenior Website - Comics created by my friend Tony Vitiello and me for our college newspaper, featured in show 009

Brad Sucks - An amazing independent musician, whose work has been featured in shows 006, 012, and 036 - Great resource for 'podsafe' music which provided tunes featured in shows 006, 007, 012, 013, 014, X001, 015, 018, and 019